It has been reported that when enterprises put in a lot of time, money, and efforts into marketing and promotional activities, they capture plenty of leads, both valuable and ‘junk’ ones. But, at the end of the day, what really matters is how they process those leads. Most companies end up losing the small window of ‘lead-conversion’ due to poor prioritization process or lack of lead-filtering mechanisms. following up with leads and are mostly not able to capitalize on all of their potential Customer-leads. Well, the problem lies in not taking careful measures to follow up on pursuing potential leads and convert them into fruitful sales opportunities, but in failing to invest in a good lead management system or a lead management software!

Have you been facing similar issues and considering migration to a great Lead Management platform? Let’s discuss how a good a Lead Management Software can really resolve your day-to-day lead processing woes and optimize the lead funnel.

Traditionally, the term ‘Lead Management’ is referred to the constant and efficient management of leads. But this is the old school approach. The advanced Lead Management Software (like Dellstem’s LeadConnect CRM) available today, do more than just managing leads! They’re capable of integrating various sales and marketing functions together, to achieve instant yet measurable results, bringing about a significant boost in sales & revenue figures.

An effective lead management system assists in capturing, qualifying, and prioritizing leads while keeping track of their status all through the conversion-channel. It constantly focuses on making leads sales-ready. In fact, it even enables the Management to assign high-priority leads or specific tasks to their team members and get instant access to lead status at all times. A good lead management system works in several ways to boost a business’s sales prospects:

  1. • Organizing Leads: A proper lead management system enables the Management to categorize leads based on parameters like the Lead-behavioral pattern, location, media channel, etc.
  1. • Real-Time Response: In this modern era, people expect a quick response to their enquiries. With the right lead management software, you can respond to them instantly and not run the risk of losing a prospective Sale.


  1. • Strategy Evaluation & Insights: A good lead management system helps you track and evaluate your lead acquisition methods. Hence, you can establish a lead-generation strategy that brings in quality leads, eliminates ‘junk’ enquiries and employ the same in future for better results. If you are using Dellstem’s LeadConnect CRM system, you’ll also be able to figure out the loop-holes in your Lead processing funnel easily using our insightful reports module.
  1. • Money Saver: A proper lead management software allows you to save both time and money by prioritizing and pursuing those leads that represent the best conversion opportunities.   


  1. • Better Resource Management: While a lead management software handles a majority of lead-related tasks (acquiring and tracking leads), the Management and the Sales Force can free-up their valuable time and devote their energies into things which need their direct attention.
Why Dellstem’s LeadConnect is the right choice for your lucrative business?

There are many complex aspects in a Lead Funnel, and Dellstem’s LeadConnect CRM offers perfect solutions for tackling every challenge associated with the process! With today’s competitive market scenario, it’s imperative that enterprises, both large and small, adopt to Cloud-first platforms that are dynamic and scalable enough to cater to the needs of growing businesses.

Dellstem’s cloud-based CRM software consolidates lead capture and Lead Management features at a single dashboard. This lead management software has been thoughtfully crafted by our highly experienced experts who understand the ins-&-outs of lead-driven industries and know just what goes into the efficient processing of potential leads and turn them into loyal Customers. LeadConnect CRM is a cost-effective solution that comes with a plethora of unique and exclusive features, such as:

  1. • The auto-capturing mechanism that integrates leads from multiple online channels and eliminates the risk of lead loss. There is even an option of exporting Offline leads into the system, manually.
  2. • A centralized lead management system that supports inter-departmental collaborations for establishing a seamless lead processing framework.
  3. • Instant email/SMS auto response for prospective, new, and existing Customers. This feature can be used for internal notifications as well.
  4. • Multi-faceted reporting system (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). The in-built Dashboard has dynamic and real-time features, that supports instant report-extraction in graphical formats.
  5. • Unlimited Lead records can be stored in this platform. Nurturing a robust databank is especially helpful during analytics-initiatives and promotional campaigns.