Let’s consider a situation where a couple is having two children. Two is an easily manageable number. But, in case they would have had ten children, who needed their constant care, that’s where things would’ve become really tough. They can’t just pick two kids and decide to raise them properly while ignoring the rest, right?! This situation is quite similar to the problems that most growing enterprises face these days. When they start receiving more leads than they can handle, they fail to manage all the leads properly and with equal attention. Besides, manual handling of leads takes up a lot of time & efforts, which is a limited commodity. There is also the factor of Human Error, that is inevitable while running large-scale operations or complicated procedures.

Enterprises cannot take such risks when it comes to lead processing as even a ‘small’ mistake could mean a costly blow for the company!

This is where Dellstem Solutions’ LeadConnect CRM comes into force. It’s a cloud-based, fully-automated lead capturing software, designed carefully to help you capture and nurture your leads and minimize the risk of lead loss. It is corroborated with a host of intuitive features, integration options, and intelligent automation processes, that can fast-forward your enterprise’s growth significantly.

Are you tired of watching leads scatter away and missing out on lead conversion opportunities?
Dellstem’s LeadConnect CRM is your perfect solution to your day-to-day lead management woes.
Here are some great features that can spike up your Lead-to-Conversion ratios:

Multi-Channel Lead Capturing:
Your digital and offline marketing campaigns might be garnering leads from all channels. Our lead capturing automation software automatically captures & records leads from multiple sources and saves you valuable time, to devote to more critical matters. You can also manually enter the records of offline leads and the automated software will handle their journeys from there. Isn’t that great?!

Lead Prioritization:
Dellstem’s lead capturing system, called LeadConnect CRM, also carries out automated procedures for categorizing leads based on parameters like the lead behavioral pattern, location, age, gender, media channel, etc. This enables you to prioritize your leads efficiently and target leads that have the highest chances of being converted into Customers (and hopefully loyal brand advocates). You can even allot leads or assign tasks to your team members, for setting up a seamless Lead churning mechanism.

Automated Response Module:
The entire lead identifying, capturing, and tracking mechanisms are automated with instant response systems like email, SMS, IVR, and Live Chat to easily gauge and engage your potential customers. This way, your prospective, new, and existing clients need not wait days for you to answer their queries and avoid facing eventual lose-of-interest in your products.