Wouldn’t it be nice and much more productive if every lead you contacted was an appropriate candidate for your products or services? Imagine a scenario where interested consumers came to you and you, on the other hand, knew exactly what they wanted, why they wanted it, how they got to you, how to win them over and turn them into loyal customers. In this ideal framework, all you need to worry about is providing the most relevant information faster than your competitors.

Does this Sales Utopia sound like a dream?

Well, that dream is now achievable, thanks to the advanced lead follow-up automation systems.


Lead follow up automation software solutions (like Dellstem’s LeadConnect CRM) can help enterprises track and optimize the entire sales process. From lead generation and acquisition to lead organization and nurturing, lead follow up automation eliminates lead loss and ensures the successful Lead Journey down the sales funnel and their emergence on the other side as valuable Customers. Through auto lead follow up software, you can analyze which tactics are bringing in best results and incorporate those into your sales strategies to become both effective and efficient.

Automating the sales process means successfully managing the sales workflows to create qualified opportunities and ultimately, bring in high-worth Customers. And that is exactly what Dellstem’s LeadConnect CRM does.

The LeadConnect CRM is a Cloud-based platform professionally designed to capture, manage, and nurture leads from multiple sources. Its centralized lead management mechanism and instant Autoresponder Module ensure the ‘right’ follow-up of enquiries with the complete status & history monitoring of the Leads’ journeys. Dellstem’s lead follow up automation solutions can boost your sales figure in the following ways:

  1. • Besides capturing and organizing leads based on various parameters, LeadConnect CRM also instantly responds to the leads via Email or SMS before they lose their interest and patience.
  1. • It assists in efficient Lead distribution to ensure that the best leads are given to the most appropriate sales agents.


  1. • This software solution also keeps track of the Leads’ behavioural patterns, histories, and their interactions with your company. Sales agents can, therefore, contact leads instead of wasting time uncovering their needs and qualifying prospects.
  1. • LeadConnect CRM can help improve your sales productivity through its automated process of consistent outreach and escalating responses as leads advance through the sales funnel.