4 billion trees are brought down to power the Paper Industry each year.

Everyone talks about putting in efforts to stop this relentless deforestation for (in)human use. But how many establishments actually take strong steps towards making a difference? It is hard to stem the tide in a world that heavily banks on paper-centric activities such as school and college admission processes.

Academic institutes’ admissions processes have always been documentation-driven, with unending piles of forms and applications stacked up in the premises. There are millions of students who take admission every year. It’s not just the new joiners, but also students who have moved up the ladder towards higher grades.  Several quintals of paper are wasted in this process, even if you consider just one school! So, imagine how much paper is lost every year, only to enroll or also find candidates for admission. Wasting such a valuable environmental resource is very recklessness on our part and a ‘crime’ against nature.

However, the paper is not the only valuable resource that gets wasted. A lot of human resources, time, and financial resources are also deployed in the traditional documentation-focused admission processes. It’s high time that educational institutes start making sustainable efforts towards protecting the environment by migrating to Cloud-based admission processes. It is an efficient, agile, cost-effective and accessible. And it’s the responsible thing to do!

Dellstem’s EDUCONNECT ERP can assist you with several managerial processes – from admissions to attendance -  that can help your institute adopt to 360° digital environment effortlessly.
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This ERP software is more accessible to all stakeholders and offers a comprehensive set of features (200+ functions grouped into 50+ modules).


Advance Dashboards
Student MIS
Staff Management
Staff Attednace (RFID integration)
Enquiry & Lead Management
Fees Management
Time - Table Management
Attendance Management
Online Daily Diary
Class Management
Online Bus Tracking
Live Class Management
Alerts & Notifications
Document Management
Complaints & Feedback
Campus / Training
Admission Management
Online Notes / Assignments
Teaching Plan
Academic Calendar & News
Teacher's Feedback
Feedback Management
Examination Management
Additional Task Management
Advance Library
Purchase & Inventory Management
Internal Ticketing System
Internal Committee
Student's Railway Concession
Sales / Distribution
Inward / Outward Management
Circulars & Certificate Management