It is a web cum mobile based application designed for easy-use by Educational Institutes for automating and streamlining their Managerial operations. It is also a collaborative platform that facilitates meaningful interactions between different stakeholders (students, educators, administrators, parents, inter-departments and other staff members). There are over 200 functions grouped into 50+ modules that help Institutes digitize most of their processes.

It is a web-based application designed for easy-use by Enterprises for automating and streamlining their Lead Management processes. It is also a collaborative platform that facilitates meaningful interactions between various stakeholders within the organization, for boosting faster lead processing and high conversion rates.

Our products are completely Cloud-based, with distinct modules for every process. Both Educonnect ERP & Leadconnect CRM software systems are browser-based models, which means that no need to load extra software on to your PC or Laptop. Dellstem Products’ dashboards can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere and any device.

Our products are hosted solutions. So, no software is required to reside on our Clients’ computers. The only software criteria is that of a compatible internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, etc.) and a good internet connection.

Depending on your requirements, we can implement an account for you even within a few hours. Projects in which Customers require product configuration with large catalogues may take a few days.

You can do that by opting for one of the four ways given below:
» Call us on 022-2430-8729 for a customized consult & demonstration.
» Send us an email on business@dellstem.com with your requirements or queries and our representatives will reply back.
» Visit CONTACT page and fill in a short form with your requirements and we’ll revert at the earliest.
» You can schedule an appointment for a short webinar that would demonstrate how our products can save your time and increase your process efficiencies.

You have to REGISTER your profile on our website and update your Primary Information online. This information would then be stored in our server farm and then made available to you through the internet.

All data stored with us is completely safe & secure. Only the users (or staff members) to whom you have assigned Roles to can access information. You’ll have to clearly define the criteria for data point access & control for individual Roles.

There are no set limits for creating User Accounts. You can choose to have as many subscribers and Users as you require for your business.

Security for hosted solutions is divided into two areas, which are the transmission and access of Data. Our software solutions have implemented standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology for safe & secure transmission of data across the internet. We are hosted in a secure environment that uses firewalls and other advanced technology for data storage. The data centre offers power redundancy and excellent environmental conditions.

We have an excellent training department with experienced trainers. The training program can be as simple as a webinar or a series of webinars which are provided complimentary to our Customers. We also can come to you if you prefer. Training plays an important part in the successful implementation and utilization of Dellstem software products.

Both Educonnect ERP & Leadconnect CRM software solutions are SaaS-based products and are considerably less expensive than traditional software solutions. They are priced at a monthly subscription fee, based on the number of Users, length of service, and maintenance fees. With Dellstem Cloud-based software solutions, you get the added benefit of software-upgrades, provided to you free of charge. We offer 7-days trial for LeadConnect software solution, for you to experience the hassle-free processing. CONTACT us to know more or to request a quotation.